GPS (Global Positioning System)

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The Dubois County Community Corrections GPS Monitoring (Home Detention) is an alternative to jail or prison. These programs give participants the opportunity to continue living in and working in the community.  This is a treatment-based program, which provides many opportunities for self-improvement and personal development.  Participants work with a case manager to address areas in life that may be in need of improvement.  Participants will take part in programs and services agreed upon by them and their case manager.

The orientation process will provide participants with guidelines to which they will adhere to during their time on the Community Corrections program.  The rules and regulations have been established for the safety and security of the center, its employees, and all who participate in Community Corrections programs.  

We are all working toward the same goal at Dubois County Community Corrections-- to help participants leave with a solid foundation, skills, and tools to make healthy choices for their future.

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