Dubois County CASA

Dubois County CASA


Dubois County CASA offers two unique opportunities to help children.  One is a CASA who advocates for the best interests of a child in court.  The other is a Comfort Zone volunteer.   
Please scroll down for information about the Comfort Zone.

Who is a CASA?

Court Appointed Special Advocates are community volunteers trained to represent the best interests of children who are part of the court system due to abuse or neglect. As a CASA, you can make a huge difference in a child’s life during this uncertain time.

Advocates are assigned their first case after 30 hours of training. This training consists of viewing training at home, class time, courtroom observation, and shadowing a seasoned volunteer on a visit. Once training is completed, advocates have the support of the CASA staff.

CASAs average 5-7 hours a month on their cases. They must be available to attend court hearings approximately once every three months and team meetings approximately once a month. CASAs are also required to complete at least 12 hours of in-service training per year.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Dubois County CASA is to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the Circuit Court System. Based on the belief that children are entitled to a safe and permanent home, CASA works in the court system through trained community volunteers, in collaboration with key agencies, legal counsel and community resources to serve as the child’s advocate and represent the child in juvenile court.  The CASA Program is an inclusive organization whose governing body members, employees, and volunteers reflect the diversity of the children they serve.

CASA Testimonials

"Being a CASA Volunteer has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I hope that by giving our children a voice, in some of the most difficult times in their lives , it shows them that we care, we listen and they matter." -April Foll - CASA

One of the most difficult things I have ever done is serve as a CASA but it is also one of the most rewarding. Children are our future and I hope by being their voice in difficult situations, they realize how important they are to us and life can be better for them and their family."  Kim Wampler - CASA

Becoming a CASA...

1. Click on Apply Now below and complete the application. You will need the email addresses of 3 references who are not family.  It is a good idea to have those ready before starting the application.
2. Once your application is submitted, the Director will contact you to set up a personal interview.
3.  CASA training is partly completed on your own with a flash drive provided by the program and in-person meetings with CASA staff.  You will meet with staff for about 2 hours six times to complete your training.  The meetings with CASA staff will be arranged to fit your schedule.  Ideally the meetings will be held weekly but a week or two can be skipped to accommodate schedules.
4. Once sworn in as an advocate, you will receive your first case and will have the support of your supervisor and other seasoned volunteers.
For more information call 812.639.0143

Apply Now

You can help provide funding for the program both now and in the future by making a tax-deductible gift to the Dubois County CASA endowment through the Dubois County Community Foundation.  
Please consider remembering the CASA endowment in your estate planning.  

Leadership Team

            Deena Hubler, Director                     adhubler@duboiscountyin.org                812.639.0143 
       Natosha Messmer, Supervisor          nbmessmer@duboiscountyin.org           812.631.2458
         Aubree Arvin, Supervisor                  aarvin@duboiscountyin.org                    812.639.4854

 Current Volunteers

Angie Anderson  Jacob Mundy Patty Oser
Kimberly Becher  Julie O'Brien  Jill Tretter
Cindy Harris Ron Harris Michael Goepfrich
Cathy Stenftenagel  Sharon Meyer Amy Ruxer
Philip Mundy Duke Richardson Lori Wigand
 Kim Wampler Kaye Jerrell  Sally Gogel Fischer 
Clayton Boyles  Holly Vonderheit Cassie Miller
Ashley Fair  Nicole Lampert Jason Piper
Cindy Stewart  Tonya Eckert Wanda Haas
Wendy Murray Angie Schuch Judy Jochem-Nino
Debbie Schmitt Bryan Heeke Katherine Songer 

Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone provides a safe, comfortable place for children who have been removed from their home to wait while the Department of Child Services locates a placement for them.  Without the Comfort Zone, the children must wait, sometimes for hours, at the DCS office.  Comfort Zone volunteers work in teams of two.  You may volunteer with your spouse or a friend or we can match you with someone.  While at the Comfort Zone, volunteers help the children choose a new duffle bag, new outfits, a handmade quilt and pillowcase and pillow to take with them.  Simple food is provided and time is passed by playing games, watching movies and playing with toys.  Comfort Zone on-call shifts are 24 hours long.  During this time, we ask that you stay within a 30-minute drive in case you are called in.  Volunteers are on call from noon one day to noon the next. Some people volunteer to be on-call  weekly while others volunteer monthly. The DCS caseworker stays on-site, in a different part of the building, so they are available if the child has questions about where they are going, etc.   Most removals happen in the afternoon and we have only had a couple since opening in 2020 that occurred in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, it is not unusual to hear laughter coming from the CZ and children often comment that they would like to stay there.  Your heart will be warmed when you become a Comfort Zone volunteer!  To learn more, contact us at casa@duboiscountyin.org