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Health Department

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Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Preparedness

The Dubois County Health Department is committed to maintaining plans and resources for public health preparedness efforts. Possible public health threats include:

  • Acts of Nature (Major Floods, Tornados / Earthquakes) – water supplies and septic systems may be compromised; responders and victims may need tetanus immunizations.
  • Disease Outbreaks – various diseases might threaten the health of local citizens: Pandemic Influenza, seasonal influenza, Hepatitis A, fecal-oral diseases, etc.
  • Accidents – chemical spills, airplane crashes, train accidents are a few of the types of accidents that might pose serious public health consequences.
  • Terrorist Acts – chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive devices could be used by terrorists or criminals to threaten the public health.

Actual Events 

Avian Flu (H7N8)


Coronavirus (COVID-2019)
Prevention steps for close contacts
What you need to know