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Meth Labs

Toxic droplets and particulates from the methamphetamine production process deposits chemicals and methamphetamine residues on interior surfaces including: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, cabinets, and furniture. Porous items such as carpet and upholstery readily absorb the meth residue and remain in the fabric unless removed by decontamination. Exposure to meth residue may cause adverse health effects and/or behavioral changes. Meth residue-contaminated properties need to be properly evaluated and decontaminated before being categorized as habitable by a public health official.

When a meth lab is seized by the State Police, an occurrence report is sent to the local Health Department and the owner or occupant is notified.  The home must be decontaminated by a Qualified company in order to be fit for human habitation, or demolished and reported by an approved method.  The Health Department maintains record of all occurrence reports send to our office.  

Qualified Meth Lab Inspector 

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