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Home Visits

Registered nurses provide in-home nursing visits for patients who may not qualify for Medicare reimbursed home health care however need assistance. Provide convenient, in-home care and education for clients.

Referral is needed from: 
          -Another agency i.e. Generations, local hospital.

What else is needed?
A doctor’s order for lab work and specific treatment.  The doctor’s order allows our nurse to communicate findings, questions or concerns with your physician. We cannot provide care without these orders.

Cost NO cost to patient, family or insurance. This is a great use of our tax dollars! The service is funded by the health portion of Dubois County taxes. Donations are accepted.

Who makes these visits:? Registered nurses, employed by the Dubois County Health Department with experience in home health and geriatric nursing.

When we visit  Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment.  Holidays are excluded.

What we can do
General Assessments
Blood Pressure and Vital Signs
Lab Tests
          Blood DrawHome Visit
          Specimen Collections
Medication Set Up
Nutrition Assessment
Patient/family teach about your illiness
Communicate findings/needs to your physician

Things we can't do
Daily Visits

Provide sitter service
Baths or personal care
Run errands ie: pick up prescriptions
Visit outside of our 8:00am-4:00pm hours
Transport patients