Pre to 3

Pre to 3

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What is Pre to 3?
Pre To 3 is a home-visiting program designed to support families during pregnancy and until the child is 3 years old. A Community Health Worker visits the family each week and uses the Growing Great Kids™ curriculum to teach important skills that build a healthy home. 

Who Qualifies?

Pregnant women and infants under 90 days old can enroll. This includes grandparents, fathers, single parents or any primary caregivers. The person must live in Dubois County, Indiana.

What Happens During a Home Visit?
Each visit, the Community Health Worker will do an activity with the caregiver/parent and the baby. The activities teach important skills that support healthy growth and development. Examples of topics and activities include:
  •  What happens during pregnancy 
  • Information about labor and delivery
  • Choosing breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • How to connect with the new baby
  • Postpartum depression and/or anxiety
  • Basic care of a newborn
  • Safe sleep instructions
  • Information on physical and emotional development
  • Car seat education/inspection
  • Positive ways to handle the stress and emotions of being a parent

Who Visits Me and My Family?
Each parent/guardian/caregiver is assigned a Community Health Worker (CHW). The CHW visits the home and shares the curriculum in Growing Great Kids™. Community Health Workers bring in other professionals when needed. This includes a registered nurse, social worker, lactation consultant, and more.

What's the Cost?
Pre To 3 is a free program provided by the Dubois County Health Department. Diapers provided with each visit completed. 

Who Should I Contact?
812-481-7050 or