Dubois County Probation

Dubois County Probation

scales (812) 481-7075

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Probation Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dubois County Probation Department is to strive to ensure public safety through the reduction of recidivism by enforcing court orders and rehabilitating clients by the usage of motivation, accountability, assessments, and referrals to appropriate services, while restoring victims and raising community awareness through the use of evidence based practices.

Phone: (812) 481-7075
Email: probationdist@duboiscountyin.org
Monday 8-4
Tuesday 8-4
Wednesday 8-6
Thursday 8-4
Friday 8-4

The Dubois County Probation Department is located in Room 311 of the Dubois County Courthouse. It serves both the Circuit and Superior Courts.

Dubois County Probation Department
Circuit Court Probation
Superior Court Probation
One Courthouse Square, Room 311
Jasper, IN 47546