Property Maintenance Ordinance

Property Maintenance Ordinance

Dubois County's Property Maintenance Ordinance 2019-01 covers dumping, littering, and maintenance issues for properties that are outside of incorporated municipalities but within Dubois County. Anyone having a complaint about a property within an incorporated city or town needs to contact that city or town about the issue. Ordinance 2019-01 does not cover unsafe buildings. Please contact the Health Department about unsafe buildings.

The ordinance is below for your review. The complaint form, which is required for all property maintenance complaints, can be filled out and returned to the Solid Waste Management District, the Highway Department (for weed complaints) or to the Auditor's office. Please note that the complaint form may also be used for many complaints that the Health Department handles. If filling the form out for multiple complaints, you may return the form to any of the departments or the Solid Waste Management District.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Property Maintenance Ordinance 2019-01

Complaint Form - Dubois County - Required for 2019-01