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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

SAC Meeting Minutes
DATE: April 4, 2019
TIME: 11 am
RECORDED BY: Narissa Montes
PLACE: Shoney’s Restaurant

 PRESENT: Jenna Bieker, Heather Nichols, Deb Capps, Brett Hurm, Heather Terwiske, Becky Beckman, Terry Tanner, Christine Wicks, Brina Amansca, Narissa Montes, Jim McFaul, Jenny Lampert, Mike Denu, Spencer Rhoads, Neal Hempfling, Becky Michael, and Megan Durlauf. 17 Present.

 Topic/Agenda Discussion/Conclusion Recommendation/Action

I. Approval of Minutes Minutes were distributed via email the week prior to today’s meeting. Jenny Lampert made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Jim McFaul seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

 II. Treasurer’s Report
Terry reported: Prevention/Education - $ 10,917.07 Treatment/Intervention - $ 10,917.07 Criminal Justice Services - $ 10,917.00 Discretionary - $ 9,852.99 Current Balance - $ 42,604.20 Total User Fees collected in Jan ($2,430.00) Feb ($3,162.00) March ($3,015.70) April ($0.00) ---Total $8,607.70. Heather Terwiske made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Becky Michael seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

 III. Coordinator Report
Comprehensive Report: Jenna has finished the Comprehensive Report. She highlighted that the biggest issue that we have not really addressed is vaping. Possibly, consider doing work with Dubois County CARES to help address the problem. Some statistics that were added in the report were from Dubois County Probation and Crisis Connection. Also, she mentioned hitting some goals in the report. As well as, noting objectives to those goals we are currently working on. - Monkey Member SAC Survey Questions: Jenna is requesting that members take the time to fill out the provided survey, so she can figure out the vision of the Dubois County Substance Abuse Council. She is also considering posting online to receive public feedback. -Dubois County Substance Abuse Council Facebook Page: Jenna has added more stuff onto the page. Please make sure to share and like! -Dubois County Substance Abuse Council Website: Jenna has updated the website to give it a better appearance. She would like to add pictures, add the monthly minutes, put ICJI info on site, and add the comprehensive plan. - Jenna is requesting a formal shirt and name tag to represent the Dubois Substance Abuse Council when she is at functions. Jenny Lampert made a motion to allow Jenna Bieker to purchase some shirts, name tags, buttons, etc. As long as it does not exceed the amount of $250.00. Terry Tanner seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

 IV. Representative Reports ·
Heather Terwiske: Not all data is in. However, 19% of individuals that came to the ER had a diagnosis of substance abuse. 22/80 consultants had abused multiple substances. 16- alcohol, 17 positives for marijuana, 1 PCP, 5 meth, 14 benzo, 5 opioids, etc. ·
Nancy Eckerle- Not present. ·
Jenny Lampert: The state has secured Tim Ryan, on August 7, 2019, as the keynote speaker for the Indianapolis conference. SAC will need to come up with a different date to bring him into Dubois County. As well as, see if we can get other organizations to share cost. Public Health Partnership committee might be a possible partner in bringing Tim Ryan to Dubois County. Jenny Lampert mentioned that Northeast Dubois School Resource Officer, Tim Lampert, will be hosting a mock crash accident at Northeast Dubois High School on April 11, 2019. The mock accident will serve as a pre-prom reminder for students to make smart choices. It will be a full-scale exercise. ·
Brett Hurm: Lifespring has had 20-25 participants in group sessions, 5 graduating, and 6-7 new members. Let LifeSpring know if there are any problems with referral process.

 V. Other · New Business- Deb Capps explains that the bi-laws allow the Substance Abuse Council to have 7 representatives. Currently, the Dubois Substance Abuse Council has 4 representatives. Dubois County Cares Coordinator, Heather Nichols, would like to entertain a motion to become the 5th representative for Dubois County Substance Abuse Council. · Old Business- Open Awareness Opioid Vigil-August 29th- needs a committee. Volunteers to join committee listed below. -Becky Michael -Heather Nichols -Jim McFaul – Jenna Bieker -Heather Terwiske -Narissa Montes -Jenny Lampert · Grant Application- Need to recreate grant application and progress report. Need volunteers for Grant committee. Volunteers listed below. - Brett Hurm -Deb Capps -Jenna Bieker · Prescription Take Back Event- April 27, 2019 (Disposal sites) -Indiana State Police Post: 10am-2pm - Ferdinand Fire Station: 10am-12pm -Schnellville Fire Station: 10am-12pm -Huntingburg and Jasper Police department have 24/7 medication drop box - Need to post this information on Dubois County Family site so we can get young parents involved - Mentioned the Deterra deactivation drug bags Becky Beckman made a motion to make Heather Nichols a 5th representative for the Dubois County Substance Abuse Council. Jenny Lampert seconded the motion, which was passed unanimously.

 VII. Progress Reports - No progress reports scheduled.

 Next meeting Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 11am at Shoney’s Restaurant.

VIII. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:47am on Becky Michael’s motion, which was seconded by Jenny Lampert. The motion passed unanimously.

 Compiled and submitted electronically by Narissa Montes, SAC Secretary, on April 26,2019.