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Voter Information

Check out the Voting Information Portal tab off to the left that gives information on registration, absentee voting, photo ID's and more.

Register to vote or check registration information at the following website:

Voter registration is now open for people wishing to register to vote or update voter information.

Please register or change information at, or by stopping by the Dubois County Clerk’s Office.


           Registered Voters must Vote at YOUR PRECINCT listed below

   Jasper Middle School                                                                          Ferdinand Community Center
   3600 Portersville Road                                                                        1710 Community Dr
   Jasper, In 47546                                                                                  Ferdinand, In 47532
            Bainbridge 5N, 5S, 6N, 6S, 7                                                                     Ferdinand 1-2-3 
           Harbison 1                                                                                                                   

    National Gaurd Armory                                                                         Huntingburg Event Center 
    1481 Bartley Street                                                                               200 E 14th Street
    Jasper Arts Center, 951 College Ave                                                    Huntingburg, In 47542
    Jasper, In 47546                                                                                               Patoka 1-2-3-4-5-6
          Bainbridge 2E, 2W, 3E, 3W                                                                        Cass 2

     Jasper Arts Center                                                                               St. Anthony Community Center  
     951 College Ave                                                                                  4665 S cross street
     Jasper, In 47546                                                                                  St. Anthony, In 47575
               Bainbridge 1, 4N, 4S                                                                                   Jackson 1 and 2
                                                                                                                                   Jefferson 1 and 2

    St. Mary Community Center                                                                  Dubois Middle School
    2829 N 500 W                                                                                        4450 Fourth Street
    Jasper, In 47546                                                                                     Dubois, In 47527
               Boone 1                                                                                                    Columbia 1
               Madison 1 and 2                                                                                       Harbison 2
               Madison-Jasper North                                                                               Marion 1
               Madison-Jasper South

    Holland United Methodist Church                                                          Celestine Community Club
    205 2nd Ave                                                                                            7800 E Ellsworth Rd
    Holland, In 47541                                                                                    Celestine, In 47521
               Cass 1 and 3                                                                                              Hall 
                                                                                                                                  Marion 2