Clerk of the Courts

Clerk of the Courts

Amy L. Kippenbrock

The office of the County Clerk is an elected position and is to serve a four-year term. Not only is the County Clerk responsible for keeping all the court records but must also serve as a member and secretary of the County Election Board. This Board conducts the elections that are held and the clerk issues certificates of election to the successful local candidates.

Dubois County now has mandatory efiling as of August 25, 2017.

Other duties of the County Clerk include:

  1. File, record, and enter all orders from the civil, juvenile, and criminal courts
  2. Probate wills and testaments
  3. Issue marriage licenses
  4. Receives and pay out all money collected from support payments
  5. Collect fines, fees, and court costs
  6. Administers the official court records for all trial court cases
  7. Serves on Board of Election and County Election Board
  8. Oversees, conducts, and certifies election results
  9. Administrator of Elections and serves as secretary of the Election Board
  10. Administers oath of office to appointed officers
  11. Controls the registration of voters

Document fees:
As of 08/31/2022

Copy: $1.00 a page

Certification: $3.00 per pleading

Certification/Exemplification:  $6.00 per pleading

Marriage License copy: $4.00

Local Rules of the Dubois County Courts