Circuit Court Judge

Circuit Court Judge

Dubois County has mandatory efiling as of August 25, 2017
Dubois Circuit Court
One Courthouse Square
Jasper, Indiana 47546
Phone:  (812) 481-7020
Fax:  (812) 481-7030

Current Judge:  Nathan A. Verkamp

Court Reporters:   Cindy Horney,  Myra Schnell,  Heather Schnaus, Lauren Musselwhite

About the CourtThe Circuit Court Judge is an elected official that serves a six-year term. Circuit Courts in Indiana were originally created by the Indiana Constitution, Art. 7, Sec. 8. The boundaries for the 57th Judicial Circuit are the same as the boundaries of Dubois County. The 57th Judicial Circuit Court is commonly known as the Dubois Circuit Court. The Circuit Court is the chief trial court in the county. In this court those accused of criminal offenses, adult or juvenile, are convicted or acquitted.  The Courts have divided criminal by agreement, and the Circuit Court handles the following types of criminal cases:
          Homicide                    Mischief                    Burglary                    Trespass 
          Forgery                       Battery                     Kidnapping                Sex Crimes
          Robbery                      Misconduct              Perjury                       Crimes against Public Administration
          Article 46 - Miscellaneous Offenses            Interference with Governmental Operations
          Weapons and Violence

Dubois Circuit Court is a Court of original jurisdiction and has concurrent jurisdiction with Dubois Superior Court in all matters except traffic, small claims, Probate, and Juvenile.

Circuit and Superior Court both handle any type of civil litigation, divorce, paternity, child support enforcement matters.

Why can't I talk to the judge about my case?
Communication with the judge outside the presence or hearing of the other parties is called "ex parte" communication.  This type of communication is prohibited by the Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 2.9, because it would be unfair to allow any party to a pending litigation to talk with the judge privately or in secret.  Communication with the judge may only occur in open court; by telephone with all parties either on the phone in person or by counsel; or by written communication, a copy of which is provided to all parties.  Be aware that any written communication to the judge will be shared with all parties.  When circumstances require it, ex parte communications may be permitted for scheduling or administrative purposes.     

Dubois County CASA
The Dubois County CASA has its own independent website.  It can be accessed by clicking the following link.

Dubois County Circuit Court