Superior Court Judge

Superior Court Judge

Dubois County has mandatory efiling as of August 25, 2017

Dubois Superior Court
One Courthouse Square
Jasper, IN  47546
Phone: (812) 481-7070
Fax: (812) 481-7086

Current Judge:  Anthony D. Quinn

Court Reporters:  Nichole Schnarr, Tammy Hemmerlein, Ashley Hohler  
Small Claims Court Reporters:  Elizabeth Helming, Wendy Begle, Jill Wehr, Brittany Schuetter  

About the Court Superior Court Judges are elected by popular vote and serve a six-year term.  This Court was created to supplement the Circuit Court.  The Superior Court has equal jurisdiction with the Circuit Court.  The Courts have divided criminal cases by agreement and the Superior Court handles the following types of criminal cases: 
              Arson                                                        Theft
              Home Improvement Fraud                   Drug cases
              Alcohol cases                                          Offenses against Public Health, Order and Decency
              Public Decency                                       Prostitution
              Gambling                                                 Racketeering
              Loan Sharking                                         Gang control
              Stalking                                                    Obscenity/Pornography
              Conservation violations

Superior Court also handles all traffic offenses, small claims matters and administers a problem solving drug court.

Circuit and Superior Court both handle any type of civil litigation, divorce, paternity, and child support enforcement matters.

Why can't I talk to the judge about my case?
Communication with the judge outside the presence or hearing of the other parties is called "ex parte" communication.  This type of communication is prohibited by the Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 2.9, because it would be unfair to allow any party to a pending litigation to talk with the judge privately or in secret.  Communication with the judge may only occur in open court; by telephone with all parties either on the phone in person or by counsel; or by written communication, a copy of which is provided to all parties.  Be aware that any written communication to the judge will be shared with all parties.  When circumstances require it, ex parte communications may be permitted for scheduling or administrative purposes.      

Dubois County Superior Court